my very short accapella cover of Taeyang and GD’s Stay with Me ^^

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TRACK: 1,2,3,4 (cover)
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Bad Boy (cover) - Lydia Paek’s version

cover by bigbangx2ne1

it’s quite redundant because it’s a cover of a cover. IF YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. LOL.


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1,2,3,4 (cover) - Lee Hi

cover by bigbangx2ne1

dedicated to Abie unnie~ THANK YOU for being supportive. kekeke!!~

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“Forever With You CoveRemix”;
(featuring Gie)
original by GDTOP feat. Bom.

Download link is in this soundcloud link (source link).  :D

Ooh, woah yeah.
Yeah.  Yeah.
In love, yeah.
I’ll always be with you.

In the part of your heart you partitioned off, that was set to deposit dates
for the nights that you spent in my embrace, I bet that whole section is now erased.
And from the expressions I often make, I give the impression that I’m okay.
But I got replaced.  Oh, by the way, do you know what’s special about today?

..I knew you wouldn’t.  Figured it was somethin’ that you forget.
Two years this day, I asked you out.  One month prior was when we met.
When you admitted you were a little afraid.  I never cosidered that I’d be gettin’ a date,
but together we stayed.  And you bettered my days.
But the day that you left, you had me left in a daze.

Wow, that’s tragic, baby.  Ain’t it so sad how the past has changed me?
See, the truth was that me and you, was a DREAM come true, but you had to WAKE me.
It drove me crazy, it’s still your choice, and I know that I can’t make you love me.
So the same thing goes for my love right now, never lettin’ nobody take it from me.

Always stay by my side, don’t leave, my love.
And please don’t ever let me go.
Our love is strong, promise me that you’ll hold on.
Cuz I know that in my life I can never live alone.

If time comes when we’ll be apart,
just know it’s always you in my heart.
No, I won’t cry.  Not without you here by my side.
A love forever with you.

One second away from you, feels like one minute, maybe two.
One minute since you’ve been gone from me, feeling like two hours, maybe three,
maybe four, maybe more.  And they say, when it rains, babe, it pours.
See my skies as they conform and take your form, gather rainclouds and make it storm.

Now I’ve got, these CLOUDed thoughts, so the RAIN falls from my eyes,
and you were like, my MOON at night, and the SUNshine in my SKIES.
Last time I heard, they said you’re better off, you’re doin’ better than I ever thought,
so our “together forever” has turned in to “never”, whether (WEATHER) I like it or not

and I can’t stand it, havin’ to cry when I stand at the mic as I’m rappin’ a line,
puttin’ words down in this pad that I write, lookin’ hurt now cuz the back of my mind
put me back in the times that we actually tried, love-filled stares from passionate eyes.
Now you’re out havin’ the time of your life, I’m here wishin’ you were back into mine.

BRIDGE (x2):
Even if fate can’t fulfil my wish, I’mma still sit back and I’ll reminisce.
(A love forever with you)
Even if time never heals my wounds, in my mind I’ll still be here with you.
(A love forever with you)

I KNEW MY 40000th post should be special. and it is! :)

and btw guys, I’m Gie. LOL

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Girlfriend (cover) - Wonder Girls

cover by bigbangx2ne1 :D

All of the songs in Wonder Girl’s Wonder Party album are awesome! I can’t choose my favorite track. XD

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ARTIST: Gie-chan
ALBUM: bb21covers
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ARTIST: K.C. & Gie
TRACK: I Love You
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CAFE English Version Cover by Gie and Storm. ^^,




I see the white chair that you sat two months ago baby~

It still has your scent on it

You left without a trace and I just wanna know why

'Cause I'm still waiting for you in this little Cafe


Went and got the iced coffee, espresso, double shot,

I’ll be honest, you’ve been runnin’ through my mind a lot.

The music that they’re playing isn’t helping me much

because the songs they’re playin’ has got me thinkin’ of us.

Now my heartbeat’s racin’, my hands keep shakin’,

the memories that made my bitter drinks sweet-tasting

before, will only leave me bitter and sour.

The story of my life since I’d been living without’cha .


Oh please don’t leave me alone 

Please tell me what I did

I’m alone in the night

I miss your goodnight kiss


Tell me the truth, 

I wanna know why did you leave me that day

All we promised and all we talked about 

I know they’re just all lies, Don’t make me a fool ~

[repeat chorus]


You don’t need me anymore 

I don’t wanna hear

Do you mean that you hate me now? 

You’re just lying to yourself


and that old table, our names engraved

I thought that we were so in love 

Now I wanna forget all those moments and I wanna bury that past


OMG, even if I bury all these memories,

it always finds a way of coming back to me,

cuz all I need’s a second just so I can breathe,

but still the past is with me and it just won’t leave.

I’m remeniscin’, wishin’, missin’ all the things that we’d do.

Half of me hates the other half that hopes you think of me too.

My heart is actually a gallery with paintings of you,

I wanna take ‘em all down, but I never do.

[repeat chorus]

I will always be waiting for you baby please come back to me

When I think of you, I call your name out loud but you can’t seem to hear

I made a hot coffee for ya, with a note that says “I LOVE YOU~”

Rain’s falling down on me, want a tight hug from you baby 

[repeat chorus]

(I will always be waiting for you baby) I see the white chair that you sat two months ago baby

(When I think of you, I call your name out loud ) It still has your scent on it

(I made a hot coffee for ya) You left without a trace and I just wanna know why

Rain’s falling down on me, want a tight hug from you baby~

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